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Friday, 28 July 2017

Telegram update: Bold, Italics features, autocompletion for emoji and more

Telegram "appdates" its Instant Messaging App platforms to version 1.1.16 with new and great features

Hi tech fans, just a day ago Telegram the free instant messaging app which works on all and across all your devices be it Android, iOS, PC, Mac, Linux or Windows Phone just released two new and great updates to its desktop and smartphone platforms.

By saying its works across all your devices I mean can have the app running seamlessly (you can even type in the desktop software and see letters appear on your Android app) and everywhere else you have installed and logged in. Telegram automatically keeps everything in sync and there's a web version to cover everything else. All that said -- the new update features...

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How to Bold and Italicize

Chatting has been made easier in many Instant Messaging apps and just like in WhatsApp, you can now also bold or italicize your words and sentences in both the Telegram Smartphone app and Telegram Desktop or tdesktop. To do this, use double underscore on both sides of the word or sentence which you want to italicize and likewise if you want to bold. See figure below...

Emojis, GIFs and Night mode features

Everybody loves playing around with emoji and GIF images nowadays, because of that Telegram team added the feature of Autocomplete on emoji. Type :e and a list of emoji and their meanings will appear. To add on to that, the emoji that you will choose a similar GIF photo will appear and you can choose on sending the emoji or the GIF.

Night mode setting is found at the menu next to search. Toggle to turn on and off.

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  1. Thank you very much. This is so helpful.

    1. You are so much welcome Mystic Venus, we are here for you.

  2. It is useful. Unfortunately it does not enable a bold portion to be embedded within a word. If, for example, I type "use**less**" to emphasise the opposite of "useful", it renders as "use**less**" rather than "useless".

    It seems that the initial "**" must be preceeded by white space or start the message. I would very much like to see this fixed in what is already an awsome product.

    1. Thank you Julian for your comment, I understand what you mean/want and sure that type of bolding might come soon. WhatsApp has not yet done it, hopefully the awesome Telegram will be first to update that feature

  3. Nice post very useful piece of information

    1. Welcome Masimpe Chandala, have any question you want shared or answered to our readers? Comment here or send to us via our email address

  4. In Discord, the codes for Italic and Bold are the same, but with single-asterisk borders (as in *foo*) an extra option for Italics. What it also has is triple-asterisk borders for both at once.(***foo***) At the moment I can't test whether __**foo**__ or **__foo__** do the same in Telegram, but looking forward to trying it out unless someone already knows whether it does or doesn't work.

  5. What is <> characters in text formatting on Telegram x?
    I've Samsung J7pro


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