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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Watching TV series via your Facebook account is now possible

Facebook launches new video service 'Watch' on its site 

Video has become the most viewed and effective way to disseminate news, adverts and many more other things. As much as info-graphics is so much growing on Social Media platforms thus is video too. Facebook is entering an increasingly complex and crowded market, and will face competition from traditional TV networks as well as other online services like YouTube and Netflix. Now lets talk about Facebook 'Watch'.

Facebook the well known Social Media giant platform introduces and launches its new video feature that can be found on its site. Users will soon see a new Watch tab that will offer a range of shows, some of which have been funded by the social network. It will be personalized so that users can discover new shows, based on what their friends are watching.

Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post: We believe it's possible to rethink a lot of experiences through the lens of building community -- including watching video. Watching a show doesn't have to be passive. It can be a chance to share an experience and bring people together who care about the same things. 
 That's why today we're launching the Watch tab in Facebook -- a place where you can discover shows your friends are watching and follow your favorite shows and creators so you don't miss any episodes. You'll be able to chat and connect with people during an episode, and join groups with people who like the same shows afterwards to build community. 
We hope Watch will be home to a wide range of shows -- from reality to comedy to live sports. Some will be made by professional creators, and others from regular people in our community. We're starting to roll out the Watch tab to a limited number of people in the US, and the plan is to bring it to more people soon. I hope you enjoy!

Viewers will also be able to see comments and connect with friends and dedicated groups for shows, sharing favourite shows will be so easy and interesting.  Just as how other video sites do, Facebook Watch could open up new revenue potential for both Facebook and programme makers, while users can expect to see targeted advertising before and during the shows. Though Watch will have a limited release in the US before it is rolled out more broadly.

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