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Saturday, 22 July 2017


So much more than just an Operating System

Hi there, been long since we had a talk. I have been busy but you can always get me on our twitter handle, email and Facebook page. Recently we opened an Instagram account for you can also get us there. All said lets get to our topic "EndlessOS" - Endless Operating System. The name Endless was given to it because it is just endless, why? Lets get to that...

First and foremost where did this Linux Based Operating System come from? A company was founded in 2011 called Endless Mobile, Inc. which developed the Linux-based operating system - Endless OS and reference platform hardware for it - Endless Computers. The company is based in San Francisco, California with an additional office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Endless OS is a Linux-based operating system which provides a simplified and streamlined user experience using a highly customized desktop environment forked from GNOME 3. Rather than using a traditional Linux package management system, Endless OS uses a read-only root file system managed by OSTree for OS updates and Flatpaks for application delivery and updates.

Endless OS is built on top of the Linux kernel and many other open source technologies and since the release of Endless Mini in January 2016 which was a white spherical PC the size of a grapefruit it managed to gain market and was awarded CES Editors' Choice 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was also showcased at the 2016 Mobile World Congress.

What is different about EndlessOS from other Operating Systems?

EndlessOS comes packed with content for education and entertainment to use both online and offline.
Above are the main softwares that can be found on the Desktop and other more can be added after easily being installed from a list at the software center. The most beneficial factor about this softwares and apps is the offline offer. With over 50,000 Wikipedia articles, video lessons, and  more than 100 apps across a range of topics and tools, Endless puts knowledge at your fingertips even without Internet access.

EndlessOS is compatible with Microsoft Office® for documents, presentations and spreadsheets which are powerful tools for school and work. To complete that, Endless has proper printer support, a document scanning application to bring out a great hardcopy of your work.

EndlessOS is as simple as a smartphone, Endless is designed to feel natural and intuitive, making it easy to use even if you have little or no computer experience and limited or even no Internet connectivity to join the digital world. When connected to the Internet it work just like any other computer, so you can search the web or stay in touch with friends.  The Endless computer's UI is not much different from a smartphone and it's affordability will really help in taking technology to everyone.

EndlessOS is free to download, and software updates are automatically included. The operating system itself is compatible with Windows XP or newer versions of Windows. Users can also try Endless OS by booting directly from a live USB which is the one I use (or you can make an installer USB to replace your current operating system). Images are also available for Linux desktop machines and Mac OS X.  It's also virus-resistant, saving you money at every step. Please feel free to post your comment, feedback and questions below and don't forget to submit your email address so as to receive our newsletters.

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