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Monday, 15 May 2017

Telegram Desktop app gets Voice Calls Support update

Hi guys, am sure you all know about Telegram Instant messaging app but now or have read from this blog. Am a huge fan of Telegram and for the past one year it has really gained popularity because of its uniqueness and great updates. Today we get to talk about it's new update -- Voice calls. Let's get on with it...

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Nowadays we have many Instant Messaging App and everyone has his or her own favorite but that favorite now comes with who has what. Many are still moving with which came first because of the majority subscribers but that is changing.

The Telegram team has updated its Desktop app to new version 1.1.0 which brings the support for Voice Calls. With Internet network, you can make a similar call to someone else anywhere in the world just like the mobile network calls but much much cheaper, most secure, crystal clear and improved by artificial intelligence. Along with releasing the Voice Calling the Developers have also made several other changes just like all other updates come with. The team has added new emoji, stickers and saved GIF’s panel to the Desktop app. On the smartphone app, GIFs can be accessed via changing screen view/rotate screen to landscape view. To groups and Channels, users can now also have the option to manage the blocked list in super groups. Chat admins have now been given the option to delete messages made by other members.

Compatibility with operating systems, Telegram Desktop now supports the feature on all platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. However the Windows Phone and Windows 10 users are still awaiting to actually use the feature which is available for some users in the Preview app, it would not be too long before the feature is activated for all users on Mobile too.

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Download the Telegram Desktop today to experience Telegram. The portable version is also available. Download below
                                                                  Portable version for Windows

                                                                        Mac App Store version


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