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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Faiba 4G in Nakuru

0747 XXX XXX network with Free On-Net Calls and cheapest data bundles now in Nakuru
Jamii Telecommunications Limited (JTL) is a Kenyan Company specializing in Data Transport using fiber among others. JTL guarantees the fastest and most reliable broadband service by use of advanced fiber optic technology providing carrier of carriers and end to end enterprise services. Faiba which is the name given to its network is now covering 24 major towns in Kenya and rapidly expanding and recently they touched down in Nakuru and they have grown roots already. They offer many services but today lets concentrate on their latest service, the Faiba 4G with the number prefix 0747 XXX XXX in Nakuru.

Nakuru being among the fastest growing Counties in Kenya harbors Telecommunication companies both the wholesalers and retailers stations. As internet connection is becoming a basic need to everyone's lives so are companies coming up to tackle that. JTL offers a wide variety of services and products namely;

Polo Centre building, Nakuru town CBD
Just a month ago JTL entered the big league of giants, the business of offering Mobile phone services and internet -- because JTL is highly specialized in internet, they decided to hit the market with cheaper and faster internet services to its customers and offering free calls when you have subscribed to a data bundle. Not bad, right? As that is not all, JTL SIM cards are given for free from their branches all over Kenya including the Nakuru branch located at Polo Centre building 1st Floor Wing A.

After getting the SIM card and inserting it in your smartphone a JTL official will help you in SIM registration process and setting up the internet in your smartphone though not all smartphones will accept the SIM, only LTE compatible smartphones. Heey! All is not lost, you can go for the Faiba Mifi MF-8 router. Read more about the router below...

Buying of credit/airtime/bundles

For now buying of bundles is via the internet in your own portal, as we wait for *111# to work.

  1. Send money via MPesa Paybill 776611, enter your JTL phone number 0747 ------ as the account number. 
  2. After sending the money log into your portal at (Use Mozilla Firefox) and click on purchase under the type of bundle you want. Then it'll automatically credit your number with that bundle.

Type of Prepaid Tariffs

Types of Data Bundles

Faiba 4G Mifi MF-8 wireless router

JTL Faiba 4G has its own WiFi Wireless router they call the Mifi MF-8 for those who don't have a LTE compatible smartphone can buy this router as you get more money to get a new smartphone. It is rechargeable meaning you can walk around with it and also connect its WiFi to other multiple devices. It goes for Ksh. 5,400. 


Am sure you're now asking yourself if it can reach your home... 
Connection can reach Pipeline area, Maili Sita area, Ngata area and estates along Lake Nakuru National Park from Mwariki, Game, Racecourse upto Manyani and Mwariki B. Any area between the named areas have connectivity. 
Thank you guys for reading through, please write and post your comments below on which Data networks in Kenya do you prefer using... and don't forget to Like our Facebook Page, Follow us on Twitter and Instagram all with @JTechpreneur handles. Share and like this article too. Next article will be the list of LTE compartible Smartphones that can work with Faiba4G networks.


  1. You have unraveled everything I needed to know about Faiba. Thanks a lot.

    1. Welcome Health Solace, keep on reading other helpful posts. Drop in any tech question via our email or on the comments section, we'll answer via any way you want

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  3. Awesome product ever Faiba 4g extreme will serve you as fast as 10mbps plus speeds. Secure faiba line and enjoy data connectivity.For any inquiries call 0747394434

    1. Thank you Willy for that comment. Yes guys, call Willy to get Faiba 4G extreme services and any other queries you have about JTL in Nakuru County, he works for JTL Nakuru.


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